Council Management and Structure

Draft Council Managment Chart

The Council’s Management Team consists of the General Manager and the two (2) Directors. Each Directorate is responsible for carrying out a range of community services and related functions. For a detailed explanation of operational activities, please see Council's Operational Plan.                                       

Paul Henry Brett McInnes
 Paul Henry
General Manager
Brett McInnes
  Director Civil & Environmental Services

 Strategic Direction

Mission Statement: 
"To work with the community in providing and facilitating the provision of services that enhance the quality of life of all Shire residents."

Customer Commitment:
Inverell Shire Council is a service-based organisation and will conduct itself accordingly. Its customers, both internal and external to the organisation, can reasonably expect the highest possible standards of service. Council staff will make every effort to ensure that their response reflects the Council's commitment to providing a quality service.

Value Statement

Council is commited to being responsive and accessible to the public and to work in a fair and equitable manner with the organisations and individuals with whom it interacts.

Excellence of Service:
Council strives and is committed to achieving excellence in its work. Council expects a quality service to be delivered to its customers and high productivity in all areas of Council operations.

Respect for Staff:
In return for a committment to Council values, Council is committed to fostering and utilising the skills of its staff and Offering an equitable and safe work environment. These values are fundamental to Council's Management and Business Plans as they underpin the setting of objectives and delivery of Council services.

How Your Council Functions

Council consists of nine Elected Members and is the ultimate decision making body, receiving and acting upon advice from Council Officers, Major Committees, Advisory Sub-Committees and Terminating Committees/Working Parties.

The elected member should reflect the views of the community and is primarily responsible for making decisions on policy matters and the allocation of funds for Council services.

Major Committees

 The major Committees are:

Economic & Community Sustainability Committee

Civil & Environmental Services Committee

These Committees deal with Divisional Service areas and consist of five elected members with the Mayor being an ex-officio member of all Committees. The Committees meet on the first Wednesday of each month at set times.

Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees established include:

- Local Emergency Management Committee

- Local Traffic Committee

- Conduct Review Committee

These Committees deal with the management of specialist issues under their jurisdiction. Management Committees report to Council and consist of Elected Members as well as community representation.

Section 355 Committees

Section 355 Committees are formed under this Section of the Local Government Act to ‘care, control and manage appropriate functions’. These Committees operate under authorities delegated by Council and report annually to Council. Section 355 Committees consist of Elected Members and community representatives.

Current Section 355 Committees include:

- Great Inland Fishing Festival Committee

- Sapphire City Festival Committee

- Inverell Sports Council

- Delungra District Development Council

- Friends of the Library

- Inverell Liquor Consultative Committee

- Equestrian Council

- Oakwood Recreation Area Committee

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