Media Releases

Mayor Paul Harmon and General Manager, Paul Henry, believe Inverell Shire Council has a vital role in providing leadership in its community. Regular media releases provide a snapshot of those activities and achievements and are available below. If you are a media representative and wish to receive our media releases, please contact us on (02) 6728 8288.  

Icon SocialMediaWorkshop
Icon TamingAThornyThreat
Icon RevampForRetailers
Icon MartinGrunstein
Icon BoundaryAdj Feb17
Icon IWD
Icon ACommunityForAll Feb17
Icon InverellServiceNSWCentre Feb17
Icon AusDay Jan17
Icon SewerageUpgarde Jan17
Icon SmallBusiness Jan17
Icon MR DollarsForSmallBizKnowHow
Icon MR CouncilAsksForCommunityFeedbacl
Icon MR CopetonDamPhotoCompWinner
Icon AshfordSportsgroundAmenities
Icon MR YetmanEcoSchool
Icon MR TintotBridgeContract
Icon MR FreeCopetonPassUpForGrabs
Icon MR VillagesShareInSpoils
Icon MR CinemaReturnsToLocalVillages
Icon MR LionsParkNowReadyForPlay
Icon MR HelloBaby
Icon MR FoodSafetyWeek
Icon MR RoadsDollarsAnnounced
Icon MR BigBikeRide
Icon MR SoYouThinkYouCanRecycle
Icon MR WaratahLights
Icon MR EWasteCollection
Icon MR NewPublicArtForInverell
Icon MR RossHillReserveFunding
Icon NominateaLocakYoungAchiever
Icon MR GrandparentsDay
Icon MR CatsClawCreeperCrusade
Icon MR ScoutsTakeToTheBeat
Icon MR YetmanTurnsOutInFullForce
Icon MR InverellsBigBikeRide
Icon MR FishingClubHooksDollars
Icon MR RareLookAtInverellsHistoryn
Icon MR GrantsForVillages
Icon MR FarmWaste
Icon MR WhiteRibbonCampaign
Icon MR BrushingUpOnHeritage
Icon MR CouncilNewsletter
Icon MR GreenEnergyWindfallForCouncil
Icon MR CRCtoopen
Icon MR BatteryBankHaltsToxicWaste
MR Icon AwardsRecogniseCouncilTrainee
Icon MR Shelter
Icon MR NewCarParkforOliverStreet
Icon MR lobbying
Icon MR OldBundarraRoad
Icon MR InverellRoundaboutJoyce
Icon MR ACCCPublicWarning
Icon MR SocialMediaWorkshop
Icon MR CouncilBillboard
Icon MR CampbellParkGoesSolar
Icon MR VictoriaParkAmenitiesOpen
Icon MR CounciltotakeonCactusControl Icon
Icon MR FundsforFishRelease May2016
Icon VolunteersSnaffleGrants
Icon MR CameronParkOpening Icon
Icon MR WRWF Icon
Icon MR OnlineMapping Icon
Icon MR DraftPlans Icon
Icon MR YetmanHealthKick Icon
Icon MR FishFriendly Icon
Icon MR NewRoostAtAshfordSportGround Icon
Icon MR CompostAwareness Icon
Icon MR NewBitumenForShireRoads Icon
Icon MR GraftontoInverell Icon
Icon MR GrowingCycleway Icon
Icon MR EnergyProjectSavesCouncils Icon
Icon MR WadeStreetParkOpens Icon
Icon MR OutdoorCinema Icon
Icon MR GallerySwitchestoBigSavings Icon
Icon MR WaratahParkInprovements Icon
Icon MR GreenLightForRoADS Icon
Icon MR NewCycleway Icon
Icon MR InverellComplexWins Icon
Icon MR PetEtiquette Icon
Icon MR CommunityRecyclingCentre Icon
Icon MR NewEnteranceForHistoricHall Icon
Icon MR SafetyFirstForSportsClub Icon
Icon MR GearedUpForMotorSports Icon
Icon MR SerratedTussockSummerAlert Icon
Icon MR WastePlanOffToFlyingStart Icon
Icon MR NDIS Icon
Icon MR DigitalLibrary Icon
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Please note that Council publications are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require Abobe Acrobat to open. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from the Adobe website  Adobe Acrobat software has an embeded 'screen reader' which can read aloud the text in most PDF files and is available for free at