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SERRATED TUSSOCK (Nassella Trichotoma)

Serrated Tussock is native to South America and was probably introduced into the Northern Tablelands area in meadow hay in the 1950s. Since then it has become widespread throughout the region.

The Problem - Serrated Tussock reduces the carrying capacity of land more than any other weed in Australia. Serrated Tussock plants produce more than 100,000 seeds and can live upto 20 years. Serrated Tussock crowds out other grasses and will take over pastures. Animals forced to eat Serrated Tussock will die because it is not digestible.

Identification - Serrated Tussock can grow up to 60cm tall and it's leaves are very fine and hairless. The leaves feel rough to touch due to their fine serrations. These serrations can be felt if you draw a leaf balde through your fingers. Unlike many native grasses, the leaves are tightly rolled, narrow, stiff and upright, forming a round-shaped blade.

During late Spring-Summer, tussocks have weeping flower heads, which lay over to almost ground level and look like a horses mane.

 Above image: Serrated Tussock

Control Methods - 
The best way of beating Serrated Tussock is to detect it early and control it using the appropriate measures and monitor its progress.

Non-chemical removal - chipping out individual plants is effective if the entire plant is removed before seeding time.

Chemical treatment - Herbicides registered for Serrated Tussock include Taskforce and Roundup 360. Apply when plants are actively growing and early enough to prevent flowering and seed setting.


For more information on Serrated Tussock please contact the Inverell Shire Council Weeds Officer on 02 6728 8288.

Download the printable flyer on Serrated Tussock here.

Printable Flyer - Serrated Tussock


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