Buying or Selling a Property

There are a number of different types of certificates that you may require from Council when buying or selling a property. This information is provided as a guide only. You should always seek legal advice or consult your real estate agent regarding your exact requirements. Fees vary for different types of certificates.

An Outstanding Notices Certificate outlines whether any outstanding notices or orders have been issued by Council with respect to a property. 

A 149 Planning Certificate provides information on how land may be used. It also provides information on development restrictions applying to land. 

A Drainage Diagram identifies the location of a house’s internal and external service lines and the location of Council’s sewer main. A Drainage Diagram is required to be attached to a contract of sale.

A Building Certificate indicates whether a building has been constructed in accordance with the required approvals. It also indicates whether any part of the building requires demolition.

Following an inspection, a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance may be issued by Council for pools that meet the requirements of the Swimming Pool Act, 1992. 

A Weed Control Notice outlines whether any outstanding noxious weed control notices have been issued by Council with respect to a property.

Council’s standard application forms for certificates may be downloaded from this website or collected from one of Council’s Customer Service Centres.