Animals and Pets

In NSW, around 80 000 dogs and cats are lost, hurt or stolen each year. Most are impounded and are not able to be identified.

The Companion Animals Act was introduced by the NSW Government in 1998 to protect pets, their owners and the broader community. Animal micro-chipping now allows for your beloved pet to be returned to it's home in the event it is hurt, lost or stolen.

For further information on how to register your pet, including a full list of fees, brochures, forms and Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the Office of Local Government Webiste (Dogs and Cats).


Information on animals and pets within the Inverell Shire Council:

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Council works with various organisations in relation to various animal and pets issues. Some are outlined below:

Animal Care and Rescue

The RSPCA exists with a mission to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. For further information on the RSPCA or adopting a pet, visit the RSPCA website.


The NSW Wildlife Information and Rescue Service (WIRES) is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia. When an echidna is hit by a car, a possum is attacked by a cat or a lizard gets its head stuck in a drink can - WIRES is there to help.

If you find an injured or orphaned native animal, handle it as little as possible, follow the simple animal first aid steps and call your local WIRES representative on (02) 6778 4994 or 0412 106 785, or alternatively try the national toll free number on 1800 641 888.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is the government body responsible for developing and maintaining the parks and reserve system and conserving natural and cultural heritage, in the state of New South Wales. They provide a range of services in relation to the living in harmony with the wildlife of our community.

Having problems with a swooping magpie, snake, or possum in your roof? Contact the NPWS at the Department Environment and Conservation Office in Glen Innes on (02) 6739 0700.

Pet Alerts – act quickly and get help

Lost Pet Finders' unique 'Pet Alerts' system allows you to quickly reach out to the best people in your area who can help. Members of our 'Pet Network' include shelters, pounds, vets and councils, and our extended options allow you to contact almost everyone within a defined area. Please visit the Lost Pet Finders Website'.

  • Automate phone calls to those who can help the most
  • Leverage our Network to get results
  • Focus your Alert to a wide or narrow area at your discretion

Inverell Shire Council Pound

The Inverell Shire Council Pound facility is located on Burtenshaw Road at the Inverell Shire Council Depot and is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. All enquiries regarding impounded animals, animals to be released or to adopt a pound animal should be referred to the Inverell Shire Council Administration Centre at 144 Otho Street, Inverell or contact (02) 6728 8288.

For further information, please visit the Inverell Shire Council Pound page.

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